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We specialize in professional detailing services with many packages to choose from.

see detailing policies





There are inherent potential risks and liabilities associated with any detailing service.


By leaving your vehicle or item on our property, it is understood that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our services.  Furthermore, you waive the right to pursue compensation for any damages that may occur before, during or after the service.


You hereby further acknowledge and waive all potential claims against SBM for any damages arising from, but not limited to, the acts below:


  • Starting, moving and/or parking vehicle in order to perform services.


  • Chemical reactions and/or damage to exterior, interior, mechanical or electrical parts of vehicle.


  • Water damage to exterior, interior and/or mechanical or electrical parts of vehicle.


Services may take longer than expected and may require a vehicle to be parked for an extended period of time on the premises due to unforeseen, uncontrollable, or extenuating circumstances.


Snowbelt Motorsports will not be responsible for any damages that may accrue from such unforeseen delays, including, but not limited to, damages in the form of car rental expenses, loss of business, or loss of profit resulting from not having access to vehicle.


Snowbelt Motorsports will not release vehicle until

 services are paid in full.

Detailig Policies
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